Manufacturing firms deal with a number of complex processes, from inventory tracking to distribution, quality control, project lifecycle management, and more. Gaining visibility into all these business aspects is impossible without the right set of tools and that’s where Manufacturing ERP comes to the rescue.

With constantly evolving technology and customer demands, implementing the industry-specific ERP software can help manage business operations from one interface. If you’ve been experiencing challenges like data duplication, errors, lack of communication, and inaccurate inventory tracking, ERP could be your best bet to make critical decisions and enjoy significant savings.

Why Choose Acumatica ERP Software?

Why Manufacturing Company Needs ERP Software?

Most manufacturers still have separate systems to handle manufacturing, shipping, financials, human resources, etc. Moreover, inefficient inventory tracking leads to higher expenses, inadequate storage space, and low productivity. Without a fully integrated system, it will take forever for manufacturers to accomplish tasks like generating reports, tracking inventory levels and timesheet tracking.

Another advantage of opting for modern ERP is that it comes with the latest tools and technologies to cater to your business needs. By having all information in a single database, you can formulate a solid strategy, eliminate redundant tasks, accelerate response time, and all of this will eventually lead to enhanced productivity.

Top Features of Manufacturing ERP Software

Choosing the right ERP software for your manufacturing company can be a bit challenging. An integrated suite of business management applications can help manage financials, sales, and processes.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution for your business, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition could be a viable choice, offering real-time coordination for your business activities while cross-application integration enables users to gain visibility across the entire organisation. 

Below is the list of features you will find in the Manufacturing ERP system:


Financial Management

It carries accounting functions to monitor daily financial activities and generate a timely financial statement, alongside powerful tools for analysis, reporting, planning, and budgeting. This module allows businesses to create accurate financial reports, handle assets, and make wise decisions. 

Production Management

Respond to production needs with greater flexibility to control fast-changing schedules, unexpected breakdowns, delays in deliveries, and other aspects. This module can help manage production orders, schedule orders for the shop floor, monitor material and labour costs.

Planning and Scheduling

This module allows manufacturers to set accurate delivery dates based on the inventory availability and schedule production against machines, tools, and resources, which in turn fulfil production demands and keep reliable balance within business operations.

Inventory Management

This module helps you optimise inventory, enhance customer satisfaction, and manage complex items based on attribute variations. You can actively manage multiple warehouse locations, matrix items, inventory costs, expiration dates, etc.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

It can help simplify warehouse operations and transactions, which prevent errors, automate business processes and enhance efficiency. Whether you’re involved in wholesale, retail, commerce, or any other industry, you can efficiently manage your operations with advanced WMS.

Order Management

It is a great choice for service companies that are required to create sales quotes, purchase orders, and sales orders. It is equipped with tools to deliver customer service, eliminate paperwork, and enhance vendor relationships.

Acumatica Customer Success Stories

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition – Scalable Cloud-Based Manufacturing Control & Planning System

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is a multi-site cloud manufacturing ERP software for make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, make-to-order, project-centric, batch, and job shop. It allows manufacturers to gain complete control over their inventory, project schedules, and costs. This rich-featured manufacturing ERP system adapts to your business as you grow and evolve.

It is best suited for all sizes and types of manufacturing companies, including automotive, industrial machinery and equipment, food and beverage, electronics, primary metals, and many more. Come talk to our experts to unveil the latest ERP features and capabilities.

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