Why Acumatica CRM is Viable for Your Business?

#1 An Integrated Business Management Solution – Acumatica Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is tightly integrated into ERP solution with a multitude of suites for marketing, sales orders, invoicing, and flow of information with real-time coordination to keep customers and workforce informed at all levels.

#2 Comprehensive View of Business Activities – Customers can access information and track records from a single centralised location. Users can have a consolidated view of customers, sales information, and predictions through customised dashboards and reports that boost team collaboration and overall efficiency.

#3 Real-Time Visibility – Through Acumatica Customer Portal, users can access customer contacts and communicate with them smoothly. The system comes with advanced tools and functionality that allows users to gain comprehensive visibility into insights and reports to make a better-informed decision.

Acumatica CRM – Key Features and Functionality

Acumatica sales tools allow team members to efficiently work together on projects, data flow, finance, and sales; enhancing and securing best results.

The robust solution integrates into content management and financials increasing ROI, sales collaboration, marketing, support.

The system connects with service & support processes, providing result-driven approach for improved sales, customer interactions.

Portal creates an ideal customer experience, allowing access to information like contracts, financial statements; 24/7.

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Benefits of Acumatica Customer Relationship Management

Attain a real-time and comprehensive view of business activities through integrated modules like financials, sales, field service, and customer support.

Give customers a fair chance to access financial statements and support cases via the customer self-service portal.
Bring a team-oriented approach to maintain a reliable flow of information. Unlimited user licensing and pricing structure eliminates any participation obstacle, helping to automate routine tasks and

Users can proactively answer customers’ queries at any step of the process regarding sales, fulfilment, invoicing, and after-sale service and support.

You can create several quotes for customers. When a customer agrees to an offer, you can seamlessly create a sales order and invoice based on the quote.

It allows you to manage incoming and outgoing mails in Outlook. You can navigate leads, contacts, and team members in CRM at a few fingertips. It is easy to prepare new leads and customer contacts from the inbox and perform log activity and attach required files.
Users can manage information between Acumatica ERP and Salesforce CRM in real-time, enabling continuous workflow and management in both systems. Whenever required, users can export leads, business accounts, materials, sales orders, opportunities, and more.