Route Management

It can be complicated for distributors to manage various tasks and processes like customer orders, drivers, vehicles, fluctuation of road and traffic scenarios, and travel time at all times. We bring to you a powerful Route Management module, integrated into Acumatica ERP system that uses Google Maps to track and evaluate the route of each response person, equipment, and machine you will need, boosting route productivity and customer satisfaction level.

Through our advanced, cohesive, and modern route optimisation system, you can maintain the right amount of balance between workforce efficiency and customer requirements. Acumatica Route Management is an ideal component of the Acumatica Service Management suite, helping to select the optimal routes to reduce travel time and calculate new routes with visual mapping. You can view routes in the spreadsheets and visual maps to evaluate the existing route, create a new route, and recalculate the route time. It gives a detailed map for each route and service while allowing users to access the route information from anywhere at any time from any web-enabled device. This way you can share result-driven approaches, automate routine tasks, and track service inventory through accurate information and proficient resources.

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