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Acumatica Accounts Payable (AP) Automation – Save Time, Money & Boost Cash Flow

Consistency and precision play a significant role in financial controls. You can’t rely on extensive paper invoices and billing to record the money your company owes other enterprises. One of the most common problems in accounts payable is delays. With Acumatica Accounts Payable system, you can reduce dependence on emails, printouts, and file folders and save yourself from all the hassle through the power of automation.

Acumatica Accounts Payable System to the Rescue
You may certainly keep a constant check on expenses and approvals for purchase and that’s a smart move. As your business grows, you can’t still revolve around paperwork and email to get the invoicing job done. These manual processes will always lead to delays and keep time-sensitive purchases at a stake.

No worries, Acumatica Accounts Payable Automation help manage invoicing, money tracking, payment approvals, and routing by moving the entire process online. This way, you can navigate payment accounts and choose reliable payment methods seamlessly in the system itself.

AP Automation – Take Advantage of Discounts by Paying Promptly
The accounts payable system allows your company to monitor and pay all the money, helping to meet your financial obligations by paying on time and even earlier. It allows you to track cash flow by tracking outstanding invoice payments, discounts, due dates, and cash requirements.

And since it runs in the cloud, you can receive the invoices from suppliers and sub-contractors and access your reports anywhere at any time through a web-enabled browser. It ensures accurate and timely payments to creditors, which can help strengthen your relationship with them and make a lasting impression.

Integrate accounts payable system with document management solutions in Malaysia to reduce paperwork, human errors, double data entry, and of course, delays. If your existing approval processes take a lot of time in the paperwork and emails and you’re sick of delays, moving to the Acumatica accounts payable automation system can be your best bet. This can help you manage payment accounts, cash flow, and payment methods right in the system, which increases the scope of business continuity and resilience.

Key Features of Accounts Payable System

Attach source documents to Invoices
When you get source documents through email or scanning, they are attached to invoices for convenient drill-down access. This can simplify invoice approval and resolve issues easily.

Identify Prepaid Expenses
It automatically divides payments between the prepaid account and expense account and further schedules them by AP item line.

Accept Vendor Prepayments
Simply raise prepayment requests, issue prepayments, and put on prepayments to invoices. Keep the prepayment balance individually through a regular AP account.

Automatically Calculate Taxes
Automatically calculate taxes and create tax filling reports. The tax calculation involves several tax items per document line, tax deduction from the price, and others.

Simplify Invoice Approval and Payment
Manage payment approval and prioritise processes or delay payment automatically by creating an account to pay and selecting a payment method.

Optimise Payments
Prevent delay charges and receive vendor discounts by aligning payments with cash flow.

Fast Delivery, Fewer Errors
Manage data efficiently with predictive entry and flexible screen layouts. Set default accounts, subaccounts, and payment terms to reduce errors.

AP Automation and Document Management Solutions

This informative video will walk you through Acumatica’s automation and machine learning capabilities. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can empower viable applications and step into contactless, intelligent advisor and intellectual support.

It describes how the AP and document management system streamlines report creation and AP automation. The Automated Expenses Report Creation enables users to create digital receipts by simply capturing a picture via mobile. It can help simplify workflows by processing vendors’ documents. Just log into the financial dashboard, drag and pull-down reports right in the system at a few fingertips.

Want to keep up with your company’s cash flow easily? Contact us to implement AP and document management solutions today!


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