Why Choose Government Resource Planning?

The main strength of any enterprise lies in budgeting and financial planning. That’s why we strive to bring a powerful and unified business Century Software Government Resource Planning (CSM GRP). The system supports all facets of an organisation, including HRM, finance, supply chain, e-procurement, payroll, and other operations, everything within a single database. It is a web-based platform that allows operational elements to work collaboratively, bringing a high level of scalability, efficiency, and reliability in both corporate and public frameworks.

Key Benefits:

  • Built to meet the requirements of government agencies of all sizes
  • Drives economic growth and accountability
  • No additional customisation required – in-built suites and modular design offers advanced configuration support

Key Features

  • Control Allotment At All Levels
  • Multiple Commitment Levels
  • Multi-Funds and Project Controls
  • Aggregate Fiscal Controls
  • Multiple Year Chart-Of Accounts

Suite Overview

Financial Management Suite

Balance general ledger which flows through sub-ledger systems including components like receivables, payables, and fixed assets

Expenditure Management Suite

Manage administration and expenditure to make organisations more proactive and service-oriented

Treasury Management Suite

Supports investments and debt management within a centralised system, such as reconciliation and cash management

Receipts Management Suite

Comprehensive system to help collect receipts, by creating a central database that enables platform for increase in revenue via sources like taxation, billing, consolidated data, and receipts

Performance Management Suite

Improves efficiency and accountability across organisations, making decision-making faster based on real-time data and reports

Human Resource Management Suite

Enables online employees’ management, recruitment, general statistics, attendance, and other HRM activities with paperless procedure

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