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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform – Connect Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Web-Enabled Device

Salesforce is a scalable, powerful, and modern CRM solution for all levels of businesses, allowing you to manage marketing, field service, commerce, and IT workforce within a centralised database. The cloud-based software can help track analytics in real-time, assist with marketing efforts, and analyse the performance to grow customer base and revenue generation at all times.

  • Back-Office Application Integration
  • Improve Coding Efficiency
  • Fast Integration
  • Decline in IT costs
  • Fast System Testing
  • Reliable Design and Support
  • Easy Configuration
  • Quick and Secure Deployment

Expand your Business with a Mix of Innovation and Technology

CRM Platform Services

Rich-featured tools and APIs for smart devices and products

Mobile Services

Build a mobile app to reach your goals and vision

AppExchange Marketplace

Pre-built applications to gain great support for all devices

Real-time Team Coordination and Drive Operational Efficiency with CRM Solution for SMEs

You might be struggling to manage sales, generate qualified leads, and drive maximum revenue. That’s when Salesforce CRM comes to the rescue. It can help manage your customer interactions and let you focus on your core business objectives.

  1. Manage sales team and other resources with valuable visibility into insights
  2. Manage all facets of a business from a mobile device, no matter wherever you go
  3. Enhance customer experiences which result in a high level of satisfaction and retention
  4. Offer industry-specific practices and support within the SME package
  5. Improve forecasting with comprehensive visibility into deals

Scope of Service

  1. Standard Configuration – Professional Edition covers several modules:
    • Email marketing and campaign management
    • Prospect and lead management
    • Reliable mobile app
    • Reporting and customised dashboards
    • Contact and accounts management
    • Opportunity management
    • Handle sales team and complex procedures
    • Order management and quotation
    • Boost team collaboration and efficiency

2. Flexible user training for 10 users and admin training for 2 users

3. Data management, such as contacts, leads, and accounts for up to 10,000 records

Terms & Conditions

  1. The number of users – Max. 10
  2. The project scope is limited to lighting standard professional features
  3. Third-party purchase and installation isn’t included
  4. It can support up to 5 free cases during the contract duration
  5. Data cleansing, incorporation, and mining isn’t included

Cutting-Edge Sales App – Transforming the Way You Operate and Manage Sales

For businesses looking for a top-notch solution to boost their sales and stand out from the crowd can count on Sales Cloud CRM. This seamless app can allow you access to contact and lead data, keeping the workforce well-informed and up-to-date at every step of the process.

  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Grow business pipeline
  • Boost sales performance
  • Offer quality insights
  • Increase lead conversion rates
  • Accurate forecasting

Customer Service App – Offer Quick and Secure Service that Boost Customer Satisfaction

If you’re looking for a feasible way to fulfil your customer requirements and give them exceptional support, you can opt for the Customer Service App. It allows you to monitor customer activities via Service Cloud, from any location at any time. It can help enhance customer loyalty, team efficiency, and enrich customer experiences.

  • Increase customer retention
  • Call resolution
  • Agent productivity
  • Multi-channel service and support
  • Contract and lead management
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Monitor history and case management
  • Allocation of cases to the right people
  • Cases collaboration

Force.com – Flexible App Deployment and Easier Task Management

The powerful solution comes with several suites and tools, ideal for developers, admin panel, and end-users. It gives a fair chance to develop custom apps that can help manage and automate your business processes without any hassle.

  • Develop robust apps quickly – Utilise App Builder and Lighting elements to create apps with minimum time and effort.


    Work closely with customers – All departments within the organisation can access Salesforce data, creating a single source of the truth to review customer interactions.


    Effective collaboration – Develop and customise anything you’d like with lighting components, resulting in enhanced team collaboration and efficiency.

The All-in-One Solution to Meet Your Marketing Requirements

Pardot is an advanced B2B marketing automation system, powered by Salesforce, helping users to keep the track of leads and contacts to expand wisely. This allows you to go way beyond marketing efforts to build, deploy, and automate campaigns for improved performance and better results.

  • Determine and generate qualified leads
  • Build custom and targeted emails
  • Analyse marketing ROI
  • Handle reports and campaigns
  • Improve market share