How Project Cost Tracking can be Helpful for Your Business?

No matter the company size or industry segment, implementing the right project management solution can help streamline business operations and deliver the best results.

Project cost tracking can be integrated with Acumatica ERP’s general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales orders, purchase orders, and cost management. It gives timely access to documents related to specific projects, allowing you to monitor and record all activities and expenses. It provides long-term support in many industry areas like engineering, marketing, legal, construction, and more.

Key Benefits of Acumatica Project Management

Cost Tracking

Obtain a comprehensive view of project-related expenses such as materials, resources, service, and inventory items to monitor budget and costs.

Task definition

You can align tasks globally or individually by setting budget rates on parameters like projects, job roles, and individuals for maximum revenue generation.

Easy to update tasks

You can easily manage tasks with a project accounting system or CRM for effective planning, shop floor control, and strategic management.

Sales Automation

Manage and automate routine tasks with visibility into insights, data, functions, and tools, allowing businesses to make well-informed decisions.

Integrated Marketing

Better version control and updates with BOM/routing. Also, manage the processes that affect contacts, leads, purchasing, scheduling, performance, etc.

Service & Support Automation

You can establish rules to control order fulfilment, customer satisfaction, sales and marketing, and other activities.

Benefits of Project Cost Tracking for Your Business

You can track all project updates and activities to keep your accounting procedure accurate and up-to-date at all levels. With a complete view of services, resources, materials, and inventory, you can also weigh standard and expected project costs with actual project costs for the effective supply chain management.

Acumatica ERP solution scale as your business grows, allowing you to adapt to financial regulations and improve contract tracking.

The project management system is flexible enough for all sizes and types of projects, both external and internal processes, alongside multi-currency support.

You can respond to customers, vendors, and sellers, wherever you go. The best ERP software for an engineering company will provide real-time access to business information and activities.

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