While the necessity of digital transformation has been emphasised a lot in recent times, the COVID-19 outbreak has encouraged many SMEs to boost the pace of innovation to maintain a competitive edge. 2020 has been a devastating year for all and it is high time that businesses should plan for enduring the post-COVID-19 times with the best solutions and practices.

The government in Singapore has also determined customer behaviour and market dynamics, that’s why Budget 2021 focuses on funding for digital transformation to overcome the deterioration caused by the pandemic and let SMEs step into full-fledged transformation in the digital world.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system could be the best way to align your business processes in one place, from finances to production, human resources, procurement, and regulatory compliance. It has been making a great contribution to maintain resilience and continuity for the post-COVID recovery.

Why Choose Acumatica ERP Software?


Need for ERP Software to Survive Post COVID-19 Period

COVID-19 pandemic has already changed the way how businesses operate, customer behaviour, and of course, market trends. You can witness its impact on several areas like the purchase of products/or services, supply sources, remote working, and dependence on labour.

Since new normal is constantly bringing challenges to all industries, implementing ERP software like Acumatica Cloud ERP will help SMEs to streamline and automate their core activities seamlessly.

Here’s how ERP can help SMBs in the post COVID recovery phase:

Enable Remote Working
Working from home is here to stay and thus, ERP could be an ideal way to integrate all departments within the organisation for seamless business operations. SMEs can choose to adopt Acumatica Cloud ERP software to gain ease of remote access, flexibility to scale, reduce maintenance costs, and unlimited user accessibility.

Reduce Manual Processes
Automation is the key to prevent disruption and eliminate repetitive manual processes. Here’s how ERP can automate various areas:

  • AP automation offers the ability to automate vendor payment and approvals
  • Industry 4.0 and IoT to automate manufacturing processes
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to fast-track decision-making
  • Access to system from anywhere at any time

Reduce Reliance on Labour
Humans are vulnerable to the virus, which is why the best solution is to automate processes as much as possible to reduce manual work.

  • ERP offers an integrated business workflow
  • It integrates with bar code mobility and POD solution for warehouse management
  • A single source of the truth for informed decision-making
  • Advanced reporting and analytics to predict future trends and manage inventory

Acumatica Customer Success Stories

Use EDG for ERP Adoption – Helping Singapore Companies Thrive and Transform

Companies only boom when focus on a solid business foundation, adopt the latest technology, and innovate processes. The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is designed to offer SMEs sustainable support to build internal capabilities to transform and grow overseas presence. It concentrates on three core pillars i.e., Core Capabilities, Innovation and Productivity, and Market Access.

As per the latest Budget 2021 announcement, the SMEs will receive a maximum of 80% support on the EDG in response to the COVID-19 downturn. To build a sustainable future, it’s wise to use these government funds and assistance to implement the right ERP system to unlock your true potential and achieve your digital transformational goals. With the enhanced funding support, now is a wonderful opportunity to maintain productivity levels and digitally transform your business to cater to customer demands more effectively.

However, recognising the need for ERP for your business is one side of the coin, and evaluating and implementing the right ERP is another. To assist you with that, we provide a practical demonstration of the Acumatica ERP system and consultation that will be very useful for you. Feel free to contact us!

Key Features of Acumatica Cloud ERP

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