The Inventory Management Solution that Reduces Business Complexities

Be it a supply chain manager, finance director, or CEO, the platform meets individual needs beyond their expectations, allowing you to perform more efficiently and effectively.
For a supply chain manager:
  • • Is it taking too much time to place orders?
    • Are you struggling to generate accurate forecasts?
    • Are you operating with an obsolete system?
    • Does your outdated platform offer seamless visibility of your inventory?

The efficient inventory management and procedures lie in the supply chain operations. Inventory is the lifeblood of all sizes and types of businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to implement advanced software to keep suppliers and lead times in check.

For the CEO of the company:
  • Are you missing out on sales revenue due to frequent stock-outs?
  • Do you want to manage stock levels more efficiently?
  • Do you have a suitable system to ensure business success?

There is one problem that CEOs usually face that is stock-outs of any product. With the right tools and technology, you can easily maintain sufficient stock levels and satisfy customer requirements in the best possible manner.

For the financial director:
  • Does your capital stuck with excess stock used in other areas of your business?
  • Do you have expired or outdated inventory that you require to write-off?
  • Do you wish to have accurate data for effective decision-making?

Damaged, obsolete, or expired inventory will eventually result in write-offs. However, with the right solution, you can minimise those excessive stock levels and improve capital to purchase the inventory you require.

Streamline Inventory Management and Decision-Making

Extend your Acumatica ERP capabilities with an intuitive and scalable platform

Acumatica is undoubtedly a leader in the ERP software market. The platform continues to enjoy superior usability and best-in-class features to get the job done incredibly. Although inventory is controlled well within a single database, you can still rely on advanced inventory management solutions to minimise stock-outs and maintain a reliable balance.

Implement Netstock to take your Acumatica ERP inventory modules to a whole new level.

Key Features of Netstock

Manage Dashboards

Keep up with inventory levels with KPIs to reduce time and efforts. It also outlines the elements you should focus more on.

Classify by Value & Velocity

Classify items to concentrate more on resources, working capital, and other aspects to boost your overall bottom line

Easy Generated Forecasts

For effective planning and management, forecasting is imperative. Computer-generated forecasts ensure accuracy and reduce daily efforts

Place Orders with a Few Taps

Automated inventory information gathering & processing for optimum, one-click order recommendations & placement.

Raw Materials & Manufacturing

Obtain raw material at the right time and exact quantities to meet the customer demand for finished goods

Procure Centrally & Distribute

Manage central warehouse and direct sales to fulfil the demand of sub-locations, adapting to your unique business requirements.

Why Acumatica Users Love Netstock?

  • Easy, hassle-free implementation and on-boarding
  • Timely visibility into inventory levels
  • Enhancements in inventory performance
  • Maximise ROI and chances of success