Acumatica ERP Addon

Equipment Maintenance

To obtain complete visibility of financial reports and assets, you can never go wrong with Equipment Maintenance. It is an advanced Acumatica ERP add-on that will help maintain all tasks and activities, the flow of information, and information about assets within a single database.

This powerful application takes service management capabilities to the next level, keeping users informed and up to date with a customer or company-owned equipment. This prevents project delays and equipment failures while you can access accurate information and perform more efficiently. With the comprehensive view of equipment assemblies, components, and parts, you will see steady growth in asset performance and reduce time-consuming procedures as every piece of information regarding equipment is easily accessible and manageable.

Key Features of Equipment Maintenance

You can craft and handle various service schedules for every customer based on location. Also, it can help monitor expiry and renewal dates for contracts with timely notifications in a dashboard.

Run in the cloud and mobile

You can have real-time access to routes from any location at any time from any web-enabled device. All applications are accessible in the cloud and mobile, offering you unlimited access to an advanced system in any part of the world.
With reliable access to warranties, assets, serial numbers, sale date, and installation procedures of each component, you can provide satisfied services and ensure team collaboration at every step.

Master Contracts

You can combine and work together with various accounts for smooth tracking. Also, you can handle SLA and other contract information on a high level.
It automatically creates appropriate appointments for all service contracts. This will help identify if any service is required for a specific component or equipment.

Manage preventive maintenance schedules

You can prepare proper schedules for preventive maintenance service orders and evaluate them alongside target equipment that may require frequent maintenance schedules.

Equipment management is an ideal component of the Acumatica Service Management suite, allowing users to create templates for pre-defined services in a hassle-free manner.

Users can manage and monitor warranty classes by models or components of equipment to avoid confusion, unnecessary customer invoicing parts, and labour requirements when work can be covered under warranty.

The system will provide timely alerts to the employee and manager as such appointments can be scheduled automatically or even manually.

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