Why Choose Acumatica Cloud ERP for Manufacturing Processes?

Acumatica ERP system for the manufacturing industry can be integrated into financials distribution, and CRM modules to manage key areas and business processes. It can help simplify business processes, ensure accurate reports and pricing, and track overall manufacturing costs on a timely basis for maximum revenue generation.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition (AME) is a rich-featured, cloud-based solution for manufacturing companies that involve functionality for make-to-order, make-to-stock, project-centric, engineer-to-order, job shop, repetitive, and batch process. It adapts to your business changes and helps you gain better control over manufacturing processes, such as demand and supply chain management, scheduling, production, and more. It is ideal for manufacturing industries that deal with automotive, industrial machinery, food and beverage, and other areas.

Key Benefits of Manufacturing ERP System

Acumatica manufacturing ERP offers best-in-class functionality to manage distribution, finances, projects, CRM, and other business processes. With timely information, you can ensure real-time coordination among departments within the organisation. It can help manage business activities within a single database, offering better visibility into insights, no matter wherever you go.

It comes with comprehensive functionality which ensures complete control for everything, from engineering change requests to change order, engineering change notice, requests, and approvals at every step of the way.

With forecasting capabilities, you can maintain resources, cost control, labour, and resources for effective planning and control. You can also use MRP and APS to align balance material needs with production schedules and processes.

You can seamlessly track material and labour costs to ensure project management. It is easier to compare standard and estimated production costs with actual production costs.

Manufacturing Management Applications

Bill of Materials/Routing

Have a centralised BOM/routing module to create and manage products and manufacturing operations

Production Management

Easily handle production orders, schedule orders, material tracking, release, and labour costs

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Make plans for purchasing to fulfil material requirements with proper production scheduling

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Go beyond customers’ expectations by establishing reliable delivery dates depending on the availability of the resources

Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC)

Scan barcode and use scanners to access data from the shop floor like labour, inventory, materials

Engineering Change Control (ECC)

Version control and updates for effectively manage dates and schedules that affect material planning, costing, etc.


Make estimates and convert those into BOM, production orders, or others

Product Configurator

A modern system that tracks quotes, sales orders, production orders, and more in real-time for efficient cost control

Advanced Inventory

Evaluate data (both previous & new) to determine seasonal patterns and maintain inventory in stock to meet customer requirements

Order Management

Manage and automate routine manufacturing tasks for both internal and external resources

Purchase Order Management

Prevent delays, mitigate costs, and risk involved by automating procurement processes from vendor quotes and invoicing

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Simplify distribution operations with advanced WMS, receiving, and order fulfilment. Enrich experiences with barcode scanners on smart devices

Service Management

Dispatch products with proper scheduling to the right people promptly for optimum customer satisfaction

Project Accounting

Handle budgets, reports, project inventory, billing, and more by comparing project expenses with original and optimised budgets.

Advanced Financials

The system involves advanced financial functionality, including general ledger, revenue recognition, and sub-accounts.

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