Are you looking for construction and accounting software that fits best for your construction company? Well, in that case, we would recommend Acumatica Construction Edition as it is a complete, flexible, and advanced system.

There are two kinds of construction and accounting solutions to choose from. Both offer best-in-class functionality, design, and features and it is very important to know the difference to make the right selection, otherwise, you may end up paying a huge cost for that mistake.

Types of Construction and Accounting Software Solutions

If we talk about earlier developed systems, they seemed difficult for new employees to learn and understand. They are basically built for desktop computers which translates to mobile teams need to log onto several applications just to finish the routine activities. Outdated systems don’t integrate with other software or third-party apps such as Procore, Adobe Sign, and Smartsheet.

The second and powerful solution is cloud construction accounting software. Acumatica is one such software product that is built on the cloud right from the beginning, offering seamless integration for front-office, back-office, and field service. Visualise everything is fully integrated and managed within a single database and the workforce can access all the information they need in real-time. You no longer need to log onto multiple apps just to perform a simple task as you can connect to applications without buying separate licenses for each member.
Sounds great. Isn’t it?

Not all cloud construction and accounting software systems are the Same

You might think all vendors offering cloud construction software are comprehensive and include power-packed financial and job cost accounting alongside the functionality for CRM, service management, inventory, project management, payroll, and much more.

But the bitter truth is that they don’t. Yes, you heard it right!

Don’t worry, fortunately, Acumatica ERP does that job. Acumatica Construction Edition is a complete, multi-site, and cloud-based construction and accounting software that offers true SaaS technology and flexible deployment options for companies that require unique capabilities. It is developed on powerful cloud and mobile technology with a flexible user licensing model, allowing you to harness the power of technology to strengthen your business growth for today and in the future.

Let’s take an in-depth look at it.
Acumatica Construction Edition gives contractors, subcontractors, and home builders a comprehensive construction and accounting software that is developed on the cloud since inception. It includes best-in-class functionality to support all processes such as accounting with job costing, inventory, service management, payroll, project management, and CRM, and much more. Companies can experience a full-fledged native solution with an exceptional user experience across the organisation.

Each member can access a ‘single version of the truth’ which gives real-time coordination and information across the company. They can use built-in dashboards on any device like phone or tablet to access costs, revenue, and commitments while also handling contracts and change orders – everything in one single integrated software solution. Imagine everyone from management to field departments and back-office is connected and has visibility into insights.

Acumatica ERP construction software offers everything you may need to succeed. Here’s what new enhancements and capabilities will offer:

1. Extending capabilities with new, native payroll

Most customers want their payroll system to be in-house. Acumatica presents to you a comprehensive payroll system for a construction firm that meets payroll needs, ranging from simple to complex with advanced support.

Acumatica Payroll allows contractors to eradicate the cost of maintaining an interface for both internal and external payroll systems. This can help to streamline the flow of information using advanced tools and functionality like project accounting, business intelligence (BI), costing, distribution, construction, manufacturing, and field service.

With Acumatica Payroll, you can simplify all business processes and make insightful, strategic decisions for business growth. As your business grows, you can harness the power of cloud technology to effectively capture and monitor all business activities.

2. Unlimited users Give Better Growth

Unlike other software products, Acumatica charges by the resource you consume, not just the number of users. This ultimately reduces upfront costs and maintenance needs over time.

What does it really mean?
With Acumatica ERP software, you are charged based on the resources your business needs for the transactions you anticipate. It offers peace of mind knowing that you just need to pay for the computing resource you actually consume rather than paying for each user you add. This allows you to expand your business without being concerned about per-user license costs.

3. Providing more flexibility and choices

Acumatica Construction Edition is a complete cloud construction and accounting software that gives better flexibility and a wide range of options to combine third-party apps like Procore, Smartsheet, ProEst, and much more.

It is designed with secure application programming interfaces (APIs) to share information within systems. Especially tech-savvy users can develop agile and powerful interfaces that can be connected to trusted sources. You can review and utilise gathered data across the system to simplify your workflows in real-time.

How it can help contractors?
It is imperative to give a high level of flexibility to contractors who have unique business requirements and require a system that adapts to those needs. That’s why Acumatica ERP focuses on having a complete set of APIs right from the beginning and then continue to improve the interface in every single version.

4. Extending flexibility and Agility for connected Workforce

With Acumatica’s business management solution, flexibility and agility come as a great advantage. Whether your team is in the office, out in the field, or travelling for business purposes, they will have real-time visibility into insights and all facets of business activities. In an addition, data gathered out in the field flows to the back-office system, which allows teams to improve productivity through advanced mobile capabilities.

The benefits of Acumatica Construction Edition native mobile are listed as:

  • Construction companies can interact and collaborate effectively using real-time data and insights, from any location at any time.
  • Remote workers or workforce in the field can stay informed and up to date with useful information.
  • Field employees can manage RFIs, change orders, and project issues, which can help prevent project delays and improve customer satisfaction.
  • When each team member has the access to timely and accurate information, their efficiency increases, the communication gap is eliminated and the entire workflow runs smoothly and effectively.

Select the Right ERP Solution for Business Expansion

You might have understood by now that you shouldn’t settle for something less than extraordinary and advanced to achieve optimum success. If you’re all set to reach the next level of profitability, it’s time to switch from an outdated system to a cloud software solution that adapts to your business growth. We’d advise to never say ‘yes’ to the solution that only offers you accounting and job costing while lacking in key functionality in areas like payroll, compliance, and project management – every essential aspect that can help contractors to run a business successfully.

Still, wondering is Acumatica Construction Edition a viable choice for your business? Well, you will find no better solution than this that combines the latest technology and functionality to provide native job costing, contract, budget, project management, billing, field service capabilities, and more from one single software solution.

To attain a clear understanding, we warmly invite everyone to request a free demonstration of Acumatica Construction Edition and speak to our experts today to clear your queries. We’d love to assist you along the way.

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