On Wednesday, September 16th, Acumatica’s announced 2020 R2 which is the latest full-featured version of our award-winning cloud ERP product. The event occurred from the beautiful Museum of Flight in Seattle Washington which is the home to so many of the innovations that changed how the world flies today.

2020 R2 introduces significant new advances across the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform. This includes superior streamlined user experience and fresh, modern design combined with new functionality to empower Acumatica users to deliver their best results by working smarter, not harder. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features assist further in making this goal a reality, reducing the chance for human error by removing the drudgery of repetitive manual tasks.

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In this release, Acumatica delivers several new features which improve upon its best-in-class functionality and utilize AI/ML so you can do your best work. In addition, the program eliminates system silos by bringing manufacturing, construction, and commerce features into a unified core.

Read on to see what’s coming and what you can expect to see LIVE from the Acumatica 2020 R2 at the launch on Sept. 16! 

Acumatica 2020 R2 Feature Preview


The Acumatica experience enables your organization to adapt and tailor this new solution to meet your unique business needs.

With 2020 R2, you can save both time and money by automatically creating AP documents from vendor bills. Up to 500 recently viewed records are instantly available.

Work smarter, not harder
Power Growth with Best-in-Class Functionality

Financial management is the core priority of an ERP system, and Acumatica continues to innovate in this area by enabling cross-company sales opportunities, streamlining bank reconciliation, and providing centralized account management.

 2020 R2 delivers a robust integration to Shopify. The integration is built using the new commerce engine, which makes it even easier to connect to leading eCommerce applications.


Built on a modular and adaptable platform, Acumatica is designed for the way businesses operate today and in the future. Its flexible architecture allows for low-code or no-code customization and sophisticated capabilities such as data visualization, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

2020 R2 continues to harness AI and ML to create AP documents automatically, delivering an advanced workflow engine that enables customers to modify workflows visually.

Technology Leadership

New Features and Improvements



  • Visual state automation engine
  • Workflow engine enhancements and build out
  • API enhancements and automated inquiry mapping
  • Unified notifications using business events
  • Advanced UDF visibility and enablement
  • OData v4 – LINQ-based access to data objects
  • In cell error reporting for data imports
  • Mobile dialog box support – phase 1



  • Generic inquiry table join suggestions and previews

  • Recently viewed records list
  • Dashboard auto-refresh
Recently viewed records
Recently viewed records


  • Automated AP document creation
  • Cross company sales
  • Centralized account visibility
  • Credit memo retainage and automation
  • Bank reconciliation improvements



  • Improved account / contact relationship 
  • Pin important activities
  • Automated address enrichment using Google or Bing
Bank reconciliation
Bank reconciliation
Address lookup and enrichment
Address lookup and enrichment


  • Payment processing improvements
  • Restrict shipping of unpaid orders
  • Validate bills against purchase orders

    New workflow engine for sales orders and shipments



  • Manufacturing delivered in Acumatica core
  • Quality management module (m)
  • Pause and resume appointments
  • Multi-day appointments
  • Create PO from appointments
  • Cost tracking enhancements for appointments

Multi-Day Service Appointments
Multi-Day Service Appointments


  • Team time entry
  • Paid time off enhancements
  • Pro-forma workflow enhancements

    AIA process and form improvements

  • Procore integration schedules and new bi-directional sync



  • Commerce delivered in core product
  • Shopify connector
  • Drop ship buyer notification enhancements
  • Multi-box shipments
Commerce in Core with Shopify
Commerce in Core with Shopify
We’re thrilled with the list of enhancements to the already powerful Acumatica core ERP and can’t wait to see them LIVE at the 2020 R2 Launch event this Wednesday!

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