Cost tracking and management is a big concern for all construction companies as they are majorly dependent on general contractors, subcontractors, payroll, and service operations. To stay connected with operational and financial processes, the cost data should be integrated into production and financial systems while reducing the strain of personnel and processes.

Therefore, the Acumatica Construction Edition is designed with an all-inclusive licensing model that can help increase collaboration, streamline time-consuming tasks, and enhance project visibility. It is said to be a modern cloud software that manages everything from manufacturing to job costing, distribution, and service in one single database. It supports real-time integration with core financial applications, including job cost accounting, project billing, payroll, CRM, and more.

Acumatica ERP Construction Edition - Overview

Construction Accounting Software is the Proven Way to Measure Costs

The most advanced costing system should be combined with an operational system that allows you to allocate and track overall project value within a specified timeline. The construction accounting software involves powerful financial, project management, job cost accounting, inventory, service management, and more.

Acumatica Construction Edition is job cost accounting and production costing software that provides:

  • A single source of the truth to manage costs, projects, budgets, subcontracts, and compliance
  • Timely forecasting to handle profits, cash flow, and taxes via revenue balance, percentage, and finished contract accounting
  • Better insights into job costs with multiple entities for detailed job information and fast decision-making
  • Seamless cloud integrations, such as ProEst, Procore, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Document management of plans, specifications, contracts, change orders, submittals, and more
  • Accumulation of labour, machine time, material, variable and fixed overhead

Why Choose Acumatica ERP Software?


Applications in Acumatica Construction Edition – Help Reduce Costs and Speed Up Order Processing

Acumatica Construction Accounting ERP software incorporates every aspect of the business process to control costs, which includes:

Job Costing
This allows you to track labour, equipment, and labour costs from any web-enabled device that keeps project management and accounting in alignment.

Contracts and Budget
Budgets linked to contracts details, accounting, and project plan for managing change orders, overheads, profits, and fees in real-time.

Change Orders
Budgets, committed values, and profitability are recorded for every change based on the customer. It is a document for profit analysis and audit of project revenue budget, estimated costs, and commitments.

It provides effective support for different unions, benefits packages, complex and certified wages, and workforce compensation.

It can help manage initial retainage and streamline invoicing and payments for both accounts receivable and payable. Retainage tracking supports progress billing and material billing of projects. Also, project cost commitments are measured in regards to retainage in purchase orders.

Mobile App
You can capture time, project challenges, expenses, change requests, and more via a mobile app. This can help enhance productivity and ensure your construction project runs as smoothly as possible.

Accurate construction estimates take every facet into consideration from material to labour, overhead, and other miscellaneous costs. You can calculate costs and gain detailed estimates of new or existing parts using data of material costs, overheads, and work centre rates.

Cost Calculation
You can combine elements from BOM and routings with standard costs defined in your database. This allows you to maintain a multitude of standards for quoting, accounting and costing. You can further use these standard cost collections for cost comparison, estimating, and management reporting.

Production Cost
Calculate actual costs for labour, overhead, materials, services, miscellaneous, and other expenses related to work, project item, shift, day, account, customers, and other factors. Detailed data is gathered for each product and activity costs are sent to General Ledger for advanced reporting and analysis.

Data Collection
Cost data generates automatically from inventory levels (receipts, issues, and adjustments), operational transactions, order management, labour, reporting, and more.

As you can see, Acumatica ERP has everything you’ve always been looking for cost tracking and project management. If you’re struggling with legacy construction accounting software, it’s better to switch to Acumatica Construction Edition to allow seamless flow of data and timely cost calculation at every step of the process.

Product Tour: Acumatica Cloud ERP Demo

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