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Enhance Productivity with a CRM System in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia

As a business, it’s important to implement an effective strategy for how you want to interact with your customers both now and in the future. This approach is known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and includes anything from improving sales processes to boosting support services. ExactllyCRM offers advanced CRM solutions that streamline your business practices and enhances the experience of your customers across a number of key areas.

More Customers, More Sales

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  • exactllyCRM tools help you manage more sales opportunities with less effort
  • Streamline your sales process and update your team automatically
  • Manage leads and track sales in a more collaborative way.
  • Sell more to existing customers by uncovering opportunities
  • Close deals faster by centrally tracking key information
  • Share CRM system data with users as per their job role in an organizational hierarchy
  • Retain existing customers by improving customer service
  • Save time by improving Team Communication
  • Get it

  • Predict

  • Custom Configuration

  • Work

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Robust Management

  • Email
    and Alerts

Intuitive, User-Friendly Solutions

Take a look at the screenshots below show how effectively you can manage your business with CRM software in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

Enjoy the advantages of cutting edge software

A CRM solution from Netsense puts extensive management capabilities at your fingertips with a broad array of customisable features to ensure benefits for both your business and your customers. The system is designed for both functionality and ease of use to give you the best possible results in a variety of contexts.

  • Plan the details of the information you want to collect.
  • Set up procedures and protocols for how the information will be entered.
  • Standardize phrasing and abbreviations for company names or address information.
  • Create drop-down lists for common terms and items that everyone would use.
  • Agree on report formats and styles and set up templates.
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