"Features designed for your own enterprise."

  • Update transactions in Real-time
  • Online Modification and deletion inclusiveof Audit Trail
  • Filter Data and Reports with Dimensions
  • Auto-numbering enabled formasters and documents
  • Maker & Approver - Memorandum Entries
  • Custom design vouchers and invoices
  • User Defined Fields (UDFs) for all masters and documents
  • Inbuilt Calculator and Calendar
  • Import and Export Data Easily
  • Multi-company Data Backup
  • Auto Backup Scheduler
  • Export reports in formats such as XLS, PDF, HTML, IMAGE etc.
  • Customised Dashboard and Alerts
  • Auto Year End Process
  • Auto carry forward of GL, Customer, Vendor, Inventory Balances to subsequent years
  • PDC Management
  • Track Alternative Products
  • Stock Status Query
  • Vendor Quotation Comparison
  • Auto Raw Material Issue on FG received
  • Estimate Project Cost
Unmatched power
  • Robust and Secured Database
  • Create Users and custom access rights
  • Auto Configuration of menu based on user access rights
  • Active Date Range for users
  • Enable specific users to make post-dated entries
  • Enable users back-dated access to transactions
  • Restrict Users from deleting and modifying
  • Restrict users from viewing transactions entered by other users
  • Restrict users to override Selling Price
  • Restrict users to override Billing terms
  • Block users to enter transactions with specific General Ledger
  • Block users to enter transactions with specific Location
  • Block users to enter transactions with specific Warehouse
  • Create Unlimited Line Items for Vouchers & Journals
  • Journal Book inclusive of auto-posted entries
  • Unlimited Pivot Table Reports
  • Online & Offline Print Payment & Receipt Vouchers
  • Multi-level General Ledger
  • Opening Balances for Sub Ledgers
  • Calculate Interests for Loan Accounts
  • Trial Balance, P&LAccount and Balance Sheet with autoStock Valuation
  • Revaluate Foreign Currency Documents & Bank Balances
  • Un-Invoiced Sales Delivery Orders & Purchase GRNs
  • Multi User-definable P&L Account, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement
  • View Date-to-Date Trial Balance, P&L Account, Balance Sheet &Cash Flow Statement
  • View Quarterly P&L Account &Balance Sheet
  • View P&L Account, Balance Sheet &Cash Flow Schedules
  • Zoom in to Trial Balance, P&L Account, Balance Sheet& Cash Flow Statement Consolidate Trial Balance, P&Land Balance Sheet
  • Add, Modify & delete from Zoomed-in screens
  • Get Audit Report on Receipts/ Payments exceeding user Defined Amounts
  • Get Audit Report for Maximum Debit / Credit Balances
  • Get Month-wise General Ledger
  • Power Users with maker and approval privileges
  • Custom approval Process for authorization
  • Custom approval hierarchy based on amount
  • Grant/Overwrite Permissions for checker including module-wise rights
  • Get Alerts and Notifications via email for Approval Requests
  • Define Approvals with compulsory/criteria based checking
  • Create Memorandum Voucher & convert it into Actual Voucher when Approved
Mis Reports
  • Manage everything from Sales Enquiry, Quotation, Sale Order,Delivery Order (DO), Sales Invoicing, Service Invoicing, Sale Return, Sales Order Cancellation, Sales Replacement and Rejection easily
  • Easy Conversion of Enquiry to Quotation, Quotation to sale Order, Sale Order to Delivery Order, Delivery Order to Sale Invoice
  • Easy Conversion of Multiple Sale Order to Delivery Order, Multiple Delivery Order to
  • Sales Invoice
  • Estimate Projects by calculatingcost of material
  • Add multiple Markup Terms on Project estimated Cost
  • Multi Invoice Terms at Line Item Level or Global Level
  • Inclusive of GST/Tax Invoicing
  • Multi-currency insales entries
  • Automatic Generation of Credit Note
  • Enter Receipt from Invoice module
  • Single Invoice for Stock Products & Service Charges
  • Multi Sales Pricing Scheme
  • Alerts and Notifications on Expected Delivery Date of Sales Order
  • Automatically Set-Off Single /Multiple Invoices against Single / Multiple Receipts & Credit Notes
  • Print with Product Image on Sales Invoice
  • Debit Note Register &Debit Note Entry
  • Manage Multi-Company Sale Invoice Register
  • Outstanding Sales Order Report, Uninvoiced Delivery Order Report, Outstanding Sale Invoice Report
  • Sales Register - From Enquiry, Order, Delivery Order, Invoice : sort on Date, Number, Product, Product Group, Sub Group, Customer, Agent, City, Country, Location, etc..
  • Maintain Customer Location wise
  • Customer-wise General Ledgers
  • Customer-wise General Ledgers for Advances
  • Manage Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Have Dormant Customer settings
  • Customer Credit Control Checks - Warn, Block, ignore - on amount and credit days
  • Adjust/Modify Bank Charges in Customer Receipt entry
  • Customer Ledger inclusive of details and summary
  • Create Customer Reminder Letters
  • Email Customer Statement of Account directly
  • Credit Note Register
  • Customer Receipt Register
  • Customer Wise Special Rate Scheme
  • Map Agent to Customers
  • Customer Query
  • Vendors by location
  • General Ledger by Vendors
  • Preferred Vendor List
  • Modify Shipping Address
  • Dormant Vendor setting
  • Vendor Credit Control Checks- Credit Limit and Outstanding Amount
  • Revaluate Vendor Multi-Currency outstanding
  • Vendor-wise Foreign Currency Exposure Statement
  • Outstanding Report on Vendor Advances
  • Deduct TDS on Advance Payment against Sales Order
  • Reports on Vendor Credit Limit Exception
  • Vendor Ledger inclusive of details and summary
  • Calculate Interests on Vendor outstanding
  • Email Vendor Statement of Account directly
  • Vendor based Special Rate Scheme
  • Map Agents to Vendors Vendor Query
  • Enquiry, Purchase Indent, Quotation, Purchase Order, Goods Received Note (GRN), Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, Purchase Order Cancellation & Purchase Service Invoice
  • Convert Quotation to Purchase Order, Purchase Order to GRN, GRN to Purchase Invoice
  • Convert Multiple Purchase Order to GRN
  • Create Purchase Order from Compare Quote window
  • Calculate Landed Cost
  • Purchase flow for Goods Import, Auto Duty Calculation, Custom Duty Payment
  • Check Duplicate Vendor Invoice Number
  • Define Multiple Invoice Terms
  • Invoice Terms at Global or Line Item Level
  • Multiple Rates of GST/Tax
  • Multi-Currency
  • Auto Generate Debit Note on entry of Purchase Return
  • Auto TDS Calculation on Purchase Service Invoice
  • Enter Payment details from Invoice module
  • 1 Invoice for Stock & Service items
  • MultiPurchase Pricing Schemes
  • Alerts and Reminders on Purchase Order Deliveries
  • Adjust Bank Charges in Vendor Payment entry
  • Automatic Set-off Single / Multiple Invoices against Single / Multiple Payments & Debit Notes
  • Reports on Outstanding purchase Indent
  • Reports on Outstanding purchase Order
  • Reports on Uninvoiced Goods Received Note(GRN)
  • Reports on Outstanding Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Registers - Indent, Enquiry, Quotation, Order, GRN, Invoice Sorted on Date, Number, Product, Product Group, Sub Group, Vendor, Location, Agent, City, Country
  • Credit Note Entry & Credit Note RegisterVendor Payment RegisterGST/ Tax Registers etc…
  • Vendor Query
  • Production Line-wise, Division-wise & Department-wiseOpening & Closing
  • Auto-posting of WIP Stock to Trial Balance, P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Include WIP Stock in Stock Valuation if needed
  • WIP Stock Quantities at Production Lines & Shop Floors
  • Real-Time Updating of WIP Stock valuesacross Production Lines & Shop Floors
  • Roll-out middle of the year transfer of Opening and Closing WIP Stock from other systems
  • Material Reconciliation acrossProduction Lines
  • Auto Calculation of WIP Stock Valuation across all Production Lines & Shop Floors
  • Multi-Location, Multi-tierWarehouse Layout
  • Unlimited Locations, Warehouses, Rows, Racks and Bins
  • Update Stock Status across all Locations, Warehouses, Rows, Racks & Bins in real time
  • Retail & Material Handling
  • Eliminate manual warehouse processes and counts
  • Warehouse wise Stock Valuation
  • Warehouse wise Stock Ledger
  • Integrate Purchase, Sale, Manufacturing, WIP and Warehousing
  • Optimised Inventory Management with alternate Part numbers
  • Control Stock Below Minimum Quantity
  • Multi-Tag Product Grouping & Sub Grouping
  • Supports Bar Code& Manufacturer's Product Code
  • Create searchable catalog with Store Product Image
  • Selling & Buying Price in Product Master
  • Create Minimum Selling Price
  • Manage Multiple Units of Measure
  • Multiple UOMs
  • Interactive Stock Status Query
  • Stock valuation - LIFO, FIFO, Average, User-defined Rates
  • Stock valuation & quantities
  • Generate indents for items below Reorder Level
  • Project-wise Product Budgeting
  • Dormant Inventory Settings
  • Landed Cost Calculation
  • Location-wise Stock valuation
  • Stock Transfer
  • Consignment Stock handling
  • Stock Taking & Stock Adjustment
  • Allocate additional costs or cost per item
  • Unlimited Mark Up Price Percentages at every BOM level
  • Unlimited Discount Price levels per item
  • Special Pricing Schemes
  • Drill-down to transactions in Inventory Control
  • Purchase Orders, and Order Entry
  • Location Wise Multi-Period reorder info &sales projections
  • Serial numbers Wise Warranty Management
  • Batch Control through Batch Numbers / Production Lot Numbers
  • Manufacturing Dates and Expiry Dates Control
  • Material In / Out Register (Stock Card)
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stocks based on Warehouse
  • Manufacturing WIP Stocks
General Ledger
  • Outstanding Customer Advances Reports
  • Sales Summary by month
  • Customer Ageing with days & intervals
  • Customer Analysis - invoices, receipts, debit notes, credit notes, payments, etc..
  • Invoice-wise Sales Profitability Analysis
  • Analyse Sales - by Salesman, Customer, Product, Product Group, Top customers, Topagents, Top products etc..
  • Profitability by consignment
  • Top Customers by Sale Value
  • Salesman Commission Statement
  • Sale Price History by Customer, Salesman, Product
  • Sales Profitability Analysis up to Sale Invoice Level
  • Customer Credit Limit Exception Reports
  • Multi-company Customer Ledger with details and summary
  • Vendor ageing with days &intervals
  • Vendor Analysis - shows invoices, receipts, debit notes, credit notes, payments
  • Purchase Analysis - by Agent, Vendor, Product, Product Group, Top Vendors, Top Products etc…
  • Top Vendors by Purchase Value
  • Purchase Price History - by Vendor, Agent, Product
  • Revenue / Expenditure Graphs
  • Ratio Analysis including ratios
  • Stock Status Query
  • Stock Reorder Status
  • Overstocked Status
  • Stock Ageing with days and intervals
  • Stock Status Report with Outstanding Sales & Purchase Orders
  • Print/email reports instantly
  • All reports by date format
  • Export all Reports to XLS, PDF, XML etc
Account Payable
  • 7 Dimensions
  • Dimension of 15 characters each
  • Select Dimensions in different entry modules
  • Optional / Mandatory Dimension settings
  • User-defined Dimension caption
  • Map Dimension to General Ledger
  • Classify business based on:
  • Project
  • Cost
  • Profit
  • Country
  • Branch/Department
  • Employee
  • Product Line
  • etc
  • Dimension Wise MIS Reports
  • P&L and Balance Sheet filtered by Dimension
  • Track Expenses by Projects& Jobs
Inventory Control
  • Define Depreciation Rate, Salvage Value, Life of Asset at Product Master
  • Straight Line and Diminishing Value Methods of Depreciation
  • Capture Non-Depreciable Assets
  • Fixed Asset Entry from Purchase Invoice
  • Capture Asset Informationat Purchase Invoice entry - Asset ID, Installation Date etc
  • Define UDF in Masters and Entries
  • Set Validation Rules for UDF
  • Define Formula for UDF using numeric fields
  • Define Formula for UDF using UDFs
  • Display / Hide UDFs
  • Use UDFs in Report Writer& Document Designer
  • Set up Report Parameters using UDFs
  • Generate Reports filtered on UDFs
  • Maintain Foreign Currency Bank Accounts
  • Unrealized Exchange Gain/ Loss
  • Revaluate Foreign Currency Documents
  • Revaluate Customer Multi-Currency outstanding
  • Trial Balance, P&L Account and Balance Sheet in Home and Foreign Currency
  • Foreign Currency Exposure Statement by customer
  • Foreign Currency Exposure Statement by vendor
  • Foreign Currency Exposure Statement
Approval System
  • Leave Management
  • Shift Management
  • Manage Monthly ,Weekly, Daily and Hourly paid Employees
  • WPS Compatible
  • Manage Loans & Advances
  • Import Employee Master
  • User-defined Fields in Employee Master
  • Capture Employee Records personal and official
  • Auto computation of Gratuity and Superannuation Benefits
  • Export all masters and reports to CSV, ASCII, DBF etc
  • Formula Builder
  • Inbuilt Report Writer
  • Attendance recording with Time Attendance
  • Flexible 'Search' and ‘Browse'
  • Flexibility to start Payroll Accounting at any time of year
  • Exhaustive Documentation Center
  • E-Payslip
  • Statutory Forms
  • Integrate easily with time attendance systems
  • IRAS/CPF/EPF/Sosco Compliant

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