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Optimise your Business in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia with a Warehouse Management System

From inventory control, shipping and receiving to order fulfilment, maintaining efficient warehouse operations is essential for any company. Netsense Business Solutions offers advanced warehouse management solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of companies of any size. Combining a management system with mobile computers, voice picking applications, wireless networks and radio frequency identification (RFID), you can enhance many aspects of your enterprise to mobile workers from an increase in overall productivity to expanded and improved customer service. Our experienced team is continually adapting to the latest market trends and utilises a partner network spanning 23 countries.

Key Features

Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)

Expected Receiving & Blind Receiving

Inventory Status Management

Tracking of Expiry Date, Batch No/Lot No, Serial Number, Vintage, Color, Size, Model, etc

Picking Strategy & Pick Path Management

Comprehensive Reporting

Document & Image Files Management

Support Multiple Entities, Ownership and Multiple Languages

Integrates Easily With

RF Handheld Barcode Scanner

RFID Reader & Antenna

Pick To Light Equipment

Pick To Voice Technology

Experience the difference and never look back

Over many years in the industry, we have worked with numerous different clients that have all shared the same view — merely months after the implementation of a warehouse management system, they simply cannot imagine life without it. With our help, you can equip your business for growth, enjoying benefits from decreased turnaround time for customer invoicing and receipt of payment to improved visibility of orders and inventory in real-time. Combined with other systems such as CRM, cloud ERP and more, you can streamline every aspect of your company, maximise profits and set yourself up with a greater chance of success. You may even be eligible for a Capability Development Grant (CDG) or a Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) to help manage your costs, so enquire today for more information and take the first step towards a more efficient future for your company.

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For a better idea of how a solution from Netsense BS can improve your business, get in touch with us by phone, email or online and we will be happy to provide you with more information. You can also check out our blog for industry updates on business software, management technology and more.

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