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Whether you are a freight forwarder, consolidator, an NVOCC in need of a full solution, or an import/export manager who tracks shipping activities, Netsense Business Solutions has the answer for you with its state-of the-art freight forwarder solutions. In today's broad global network, freight forwarders are becoming logistics service providers (LSP), and customers are demanding faster deliveries and better services at reduced prices. As asmall/medium size forwarder, can you afford the cost of purchasing a state-of-the-art software solution, implementing it, and keeping pace with today's ever-changing environment?

Netsense Business Solutions brings you a modern solution which employs the newest technology, is rich in functionality, and is easy to use. We enableyou to focus on freight forwarding, thus providing better customer service.



  • Create and Manage Order details
  • Create and Manage Booking details
  • Consolidations and NVOCC
  • Flexible document printout
  • Wide Range of Email templates
  • Manage and Monitor Sent mail history
  • Get updates on Shipment status
  • Manage Sales Team
  • Manage Surcharge tariffs (Air Export)
  • Manage Multi-leg, multi-modal, multi-pickup, multi-delivery
  • Manage AWB stack (Air Export)
  • Web track & trace for customers and agents
  • Maintain External documents archive


  • Manage Ad hoc or periodical quotes
  • One-click generation of shipments
  • Save time with Email templates
  • Manage Sent mail history
  • Monitor Quote status
  • Manage Costs and expected profit
  • Manage Query not-approved quotes
  • Win Potential customers
  • Archiving of correspondence with logistics partners

Invoicing & Collection

  • Manage Multiple invoices
  • Manage Multi-currency
  • Draft invoices easily
  • Manage Multiple invoice layouts
  • Print invoice on blank A4 paperHelp
  • Generate Invoices in English or local language
  • Email invoices
  • Sent mail history
  • Predefined list of services for invoice preparation
  • VAT by service and specific invoice
  • Generate receipts or mark invoices as paid
  • Manage and Monitor Customer balance

Costs, Profit & Loss Analysis

  • Monitor Estimated and final costs
  • Compare estimated to actual profit
  • Profit for shipments in consolidations
  • Profit as integral part of online statistics
  • Profit & loss per charge type
  • Vendor invoices

Customize & Personalise

  • Personalize queries
  • Export to Excel
  • Fix a range of volume-based pricing alternatives
  • Build queries from scratch
  • Add queries to your personal workspace
  • Customize data entry
  • Create Rules for mandatory fields and validation
  • Create email templates
  • Custom fields in documents
  • Add documents for editing and printing

Shared Logistics

  • Access Anytime, anywhere
  • Partner login for viewing and querying data
  • Partner access to archived documents
  • Email with link to shipment view on the web
  • Data views for invited partners

Business Tools

  • Online company and customer statistics
  • Manage Events log
  • Daily summary of activities
  • Generate Documents in PDF format
  • Email documents and reports
  • Monitor Mail history
  • Follow-up and to-do lists
  • Personal workspace
  • Archive external documents
  • Mobile access

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Customer spotlight
  • Online customer statistics
  • Customer queries and views
  • Email directly from the system
  • Email with link to shipment view
  • Customer login by invitation
  • Win Potential customers
  • Multi-contact


  • Statistics exposed to authorized users
  • External users by invitation only
  • User access log
  • Events log
  • Permissions according to roles
  • Prevent unauthorized user access

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