Cargo & Shipping Management

Cargo & Shipping Management
  • Track expense by Fleet ID or Group
  • Record & Track Subcontractors List
  • Area-wise Delivery and Route Planning
  • Job wise estimates and Final Job Closure
  • Fleet Management and Driver Maintenance
  • Calculate driver commission based on trips
  • Generate Container wise profitability report
  • Manage ETA and dates with alerts and reminders
  • Manage Spare Parts inventory and change history
  • Effectively monitor repositioning of empty containers at locations
  • Container & cargo history based on operational movements, costs & revenue
  • Master bills of lading, House bills of lading, consignment waybill, delivery order etc.
  • Monitor Truck arrival, Cargo stuffed,Container shipped, Customer billed etc.
  • Maintain Vehicles, Drivers, Machineries, Service History, Fuel Consumption etc
  • Optimize container inventory based on ageing of empty/ laden containers

Sales & Delivery Process

  • Promotion Item Pricing
  • Buy & Sell in Multi-Currency
  • Partial Delivery and Partial Invoicing
  • Attach scanned documents to transactions
  • Multiple selling price per customer/Currency
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly BI/Dashboard tools
  • Integrate with QR code and Barcode Scanners
  • Track your sales data at warehouse/ branch levels
  • Reserve stocks against orders or for regular customers
  • Track open Quotations, Undelivered orders, Uninvoiced Delivery Order
  • Convert Order to invoice by Industry, Customer, Salesman, brand, location etc.
Sales & Delivery Process

Sales & Lead Management

Sales & Lead Management
  • Easily Assign Leads to Salesman
  • Manage Salesman/Driver Commissions
  • Analyse Sales by Salesman/Agent/Driver
  • Manage Leads & Track Sales Pipeline 
  • Track Sales Orders, Invoices, Appointments & Tasks 
  • Create Opportunities & Track Your Sales Effectively
  • Track Sales Profitability By Order, Consignment and Project
  • Track Sales Quotation’s stages of progress including lost deals
  • Avoid Manual Data Entry by Auto-Capturing Leads From Website
  • Real-Time Insights of Opportunity, Marketing Activities & Follow Up
  • Periodic Opportunity - Analyse Competition & Build Sales Strategies
  • Save time & drive more sales with Pre-Defined Sales Email Templates 

Inventory Management

  • Transfer Stock between Warehouses
  • Use Multiple Product Codes to Track Items
  • Inventory with Physical stock count module
  • Integrate with RFID and Barcode Scanners
  • Real-Time Inventory Reports with Stock Count
  • Inventory Valuation reports with landed costing
  • Reserve Stock on Sales order or on ad hoc demand
  • Monitor & Track Stock Ageing like never before
  • Monitor your Negative stock with Control and Alerts
  • Attach Documents or Product Pics to Product Master
  • Create Packing Slip with carton and box management
  • Group & Sub groups for products. Group by Brand, Product lines or Type. 
  • Fix and Re-Order Levels, Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) & Safety Stock.
  • Control Stock from going negative with reorder levels and minimum stock features
Inventory Management

Retain your Customers

Retain your Customers
  • Pricing Rules based on Items and Customers
  • Launch Discounts with Quantity & Value Breaks
  • Fix a range of volume-based pricing alternatives
  • Customer Grouping & Customer Wise Pricing Schemes
  • Volume-Based Pricing Alternatives (Bulk-Pricing Schemes)
  • Create Promotions such as Free Items Give-way for Minimum Order  
  • Identify high volume customers, Group items and customers for pricing. 
  • Analyze Profitability for all shipments moving out of warehouses. 
  • Add a Self-Service Portal to facilitate flow of information to customers quickly

Accounts Receivables

  • Maintain Location-Wise Customers 
  • Analyze Historic Data of Sales & Invoicing
  • Complete Credit Control & Check Functions
  • Identify Defaulters and Tighten Credit Limits 
  • Monitor & Identify Delays easily with Exactlly
  • Adjust Bank Charges in Customer Receipt Entry
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses with Default Setting
  • Customer-Wise General Ledger & Control Account
  • Maintain Credit Note & Customer Receipt Register
  • Track Forex Exchange Gain Or Loss per transaction 
  • Receivables ageing analysis with DSO (day sales outstanding) 
  • Customer Credit Control Check, Block on amount & Credit Days
Accounts Receivables

Buy At Right Price (Purchases)

Buy At Right Price (Purchases)
  • Send Mass Request for quote (RFP) to vendors
  • Compare quotations and approve the best deals
  • Enter Payment Details from Invoice Module 
  • Adjust Bank Charges in Vendor Payment Entry
  • Uninvoiced Goods Received Note (GRN) Report
  • Generate Outstanding Purchase Invoice Report
  • Create User Definable Multiple Invoice Terms 
  • Manage Credit Note Entry & Credit Note Register
  • Invoice Terms at Line Item Level or Global Level
  • Purchase Order Alarm on Expected Delivery Date
  • Identify Preferred Suppliers for each & every Product
  • Analyse supplier performance based on Deliveries, Quantity & Quality data

Approvals & Customizable Reports

  • Consists of more than 2000+ Pre-Defined Reports 
  • Easily Compare Budget and Variances with Exactlly
  • Mobile & Tablet Accessible Business Intelligence tools (BI)
  • Customize Reports Easily With Drag & Drop Report Writer
  • Sort & Analyze with our Excel-Within-A-System Reports
  • Setup Users with Maker & Approval Privileges
  • Create Custom & Multi-Level Approval Process
  • Setup Custom Approval Hierarchy based on amount
  • Grant/Overwrite Permissions for checker with module-wise rights
  • Define Approval Rules with compulsory or criteria based checking
  • Get Approval Request Alerts & Notifications through SMS or Email
  • Create Memo Voucher & Convert to Actual Voucher on Approvals
  • Print, Email & Export Reports to Different Formats (PDF, Excel, HTML Etc)
  • Pivot Reporting on Quartely, Year To Date, Monthly Sales & Ledger Balance
Approvals & Customizable Reports

Human Capital Management and Payroll

Human Capital Management and Payroll
  • Compliant to IRAS Regulations 
  • Capture & Manage Employee Records
  • Define Pay by Monthly, Weekly, Hourly
  • E-Leave to apply & approve leave online
  • Generate ePayslips and send it via email 
  • Integration of Sales Commission to Payroll
  • User Defined Roster for Shift Management 
  • Integrate Time Attendance (Biometric Scanners)
  • Online Submission of Expense Claims on the go 
  • Track & Manage Loan & Advances to Staff easily 
  • Manage Complete HR Process - Recruitment, Talent, Workforce & More.

Other Key Advantages

  • Go live in 20 Working days
  • Secure and robust SQL database
  • Complete Audit Trail & History of User Activity
  • Access software Anywhere without third party tools
  • Launch Discounts with Quantity & Value Breaks
  • Pricing Rules based on Items and Customers
  • Customer Grouping & Customer Wise Pricing Schemes
  • Volume-Based Pricing Alternatives (Bulk-Pricing Schemes)
  • Create Promotions such as Free Items Give-way for Minimum Order  
  • Identify high volume customers, Group items and customers for pricing.
  • Analyze Profitability for all shipments moving out of warehouses.
  • Define security levels per user and assign module permissions
Other Key Advantages

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