Extensive Project Management Solution

Tailored to Singapore & Malaysia construction industry and conforms to Singapore & Malaysia Project Accounting standard, Netsense Building Construction & Engineering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions cover the whole business process — from project tendering stage to customer and subcontractor claim and certification, consolidated project cost tracking, purchasing with inventory management and it also encompasses flexible project billing process. Our Project Management Software further allows the information to flow seamlessly between your head office and project site office. Get higher success rate in project proposals, complete control with project costs that operate within budget, better allocation of employees, higher revenues and a smoother execution of projects.


Project Tracking and Claims Management
Comprehensive Project Cost Management

Project managers can be equipped with a proper system to track their project budget and actual cost in real time either by overall of each project or each scope of work profit and loss. Being a fully integrated system also ensures that no single cost components are being left out including major cost components such as project labour cost, material cost, subcontractor cost, overhead and any other cost that you wish to allocate and charge to the respective project will be recorded in the system.

Import the BQ from Excel for Tender Processes

You can simply import your BQ or scope of work into the system to save you time and making it easier for you to manage the project tender process.

Keeping Track of Project Variations Order

It is common in the construction industry to have some project variations order, be it additions and omission along the way. Allow you to make variations and also to keep track of the changes approved by Customers and internally. The system will then update these changes with linkage to all other related modules for the Project Costing software required for a full Construction Profit and Loss tracking and an audit trail could be produced to reflect and analyze these variations.

Approval & Reports
Real Time Alert System In-Built

Prompts you when you exceed the budget threshold set to avoid budget from further escalation without being unnoticed.

Seamless Approval Process

Before you send the quotation to your client, or raise a Letter Of Award to your subcontractor, system can auto-route it first to the approving manager to perform review and approval check. An email alert will be sent for real time notification and managers can access it anytime, anywhere for quick authorisation. You can also set multi-tier approval process and set approval limit for each managers, ensuring each transaction is properly approved and notified to the right person in charge.

Real-Time Reports

At any time, you can generate reports to check the status of your projects. With real time reports, you can identify what is your current actual and committed cost against your budget. You can also track which one is running on budget deficit and be auto-alerted so you can take the required action to ensure the project is profitable. In addition, you can analyse the cashflow movement of your projects.

Integrated Time Management System (TMS)

With manpower being part of a huge project cost component, our System helps you do to eliminate manual counting of manhours and project salary, saving you hours of manual work and all the hassle. With our biometric devices such as fingerprint reader, iris and facial reader equipped with GPS tracking, you can accurately capture the clock-in and clock-out of your workers and compute the pay automatically (including OT pay, shift allowance and so forth). Our Project Costing Software is integrated with our HR Modules.

Flexible Project Billing Management Conforming to Singapore & Malaysia Project Accounting Standard

Supports multiple project billing methods such as billing by project, by phase or by progressive claim. We can help you to track all billings, retention all of which are conforming to the Singapore & Malaysian Accounting standards. In addition, the system also supports project recognition process to capture Work-in-Progress (WIP), actual cost and variance, which is unique to the construction industry. You can also define what the retention amount is for each of your individual project, and specify the maximum retention too. All this is done automatically without the need to manually compute and keep track. In addition, you will be able to convert all the retained amount into invoices upon project completion, ensuring no part left unbilled.

Customization According to Your Needs

We can always customize our System to suit your needs and the business process. We are familiar with the construction industry and have successfully done many projects work for construction companies thus we are familiar with such requirements.

"Yes, we are compliant with Singapore and Malaysia GST as well as other statutory requirements."


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