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We have been keeping critical websites and applications up and running,enabling our customers to deliver the best results and grow their businesses. We combine the efficiency and flexibility of cloud computing with our experience in managed hosting to identify and design the right cloud for you.

Our customers,demand applications and websites that work and they demand superb customer support and cloud management services. Many organizations trust Netsense as a cloud hosting provider to deliver cloud computing solutions that allow CIOs and CTOs to respond to their organization's business needs quickly and with the confidence that fully maintained uptime for critical systems enables.


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Features and Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Advance Features

Through cloud computing, advance features enjoyed by large enterprises are now available to SMEs at a fraction of the cost. Features such as collaborating in real-time on the same project/document or easily find meeting time that works for everyone in your team allows users to work better together and improve productivity.

Fast Deployment

As the infrastructure and all necessary software are already in place, the solution can be tested and deployed quickly without the need to wait for additional hardware or software to be purchased and setup.

Highly Scalable

Additional resources will always be available as you grow your business. You can add more users, more accounts, and more storage space anytime with just a few clicks.

No Infrastructure Cost

There’s no need to invest in costly hardware or software to get started. There’s also no on-going maintenance costs and software / hardware upgrading costs to worry about, just a flat monthly usage fee to take care of.

Universal Access

As your data is automatically saved in the cloud, you’ll have access to your email, calendar and data, no matter where you are. Now everyone in your team can productive from anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection.

Built-in Redundancy and Backup

Cloud solutions providers typically operate from large datacenters and across multiple clusters of servers to provide high reliability. Copies of data are also stored in different locations to provide redundancy. When you subscribe to cloud solutions, you automatically gain built-in redundancy and backup capability for your business data.


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